Monday, June 21, 2004

Weekend Fun

What a full-packed weekend i've had:

Friday Evening:
WEll, "Stag Night 2: ROTN" didn't have the turn-out I expected... however, it was still a great laugh. After our pub-crawl around town, which ended at Sharkeys, we decided to finish the night at spiders... so, me, my 2 bro's, my dad, Aaron and MarkH walked up to spiders only to have my Dad turned away at the door, and for no apparent reason... there was a bit of swearing / cursing from Mike, and it quickly came to the point where he wouldn't let any of us in. So, we took our leave, and on our walk back into the City Center, my dad pipes up with: "Lets all go to Napleons", Only on of the most up-market places in town. So, we figured... y not give it ago... so, 20 minutes later (and after a log ID check) we found our seleves stood at the bar upstais in napoleons... would you believe it ? :) I managed to double my money on the roulette table (I made a tenner... w00t!), just before Dan decided to be sick EVERYwhere ! :) Nice one Dan ! SO, after that, we took our leave and headed upto King Billy... Where some friends had headed perviously... however... Dan was ill, so I decided to take him back to our place for a bit o' shut eye... While mike and Dad went to meet some friends... so, once i got home.. i also decided sleep would be the best option... and that was the end of another evening of immense drinking.

Drove to Northampton... checked into hotel... Jo bought trousers... Went to SteveO's party... I BBQ'd... Jo's new trousers: *broke* ... ate... drank... got drunk... walked back to hotel... Paid 2.80 for 2 of the smallest orangeJuices you have EVER seen. *slept*

The party was awesome... We had great fun... Happy Birthday Steve !

Sunday (Fathers Day)
Had HUGE breakfast in the Hotel, Drove back to Hull... Got home... went shopping... went to see our dads... gave presents... Mum made a HUGE sunday lunch ! Whole family was there... it was awesome. Watched Footy... went home...

Monday (Still the weekend as I booked a day off. W00t !)
Woke at fod-forsaken time in the morning to goto Alton Towers. Got stuck in traffic on the M18 due to an accident, which managed to add an extra hour onto our travelling time. Met up with Mike, Dan and Suzanne at a McDonalds near/in Derby.

Entered Alton Towers for about 11:30-ish (me manged to get 10quid entry with some vouchers we printed off the internet :) w00t !)

Went on lots of rides, ate lots of food... went on lots more rides. Awesome day all round.
The Log-Flume (now a Bath flume?) was hilarious, as the tub was filled with, Me, Mike, Dan, Jo, Jo's Mum (at front), the rides has 3 drops, and the first drop, absolutely soaked jo's mum, who could instantly not stop laughing... untill the second drop (in the dark) where she was equally drenched, and laughed equally... and then the big drop.... the wall of water from this drop managed to soak Jo's Mum, Jo, and Me... drenched to the bone we were, and just as mike and dan thought they were safe, they were drenched by an overhead shower... fantastic !

After drying off queueing for more rides, and beign on more rides... We headed home at closing time. A good time was had by all. It's always good to get out of Hull !

Stopped off at Jo's Mum's house for take away before heading home for a long-deserved sleep.

So, the only thing left to do now is get married *gnaws on already non-existant finger nails*

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