Monday, July 26, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Woo Hoo, I ordered my Digimatrix this morning... should be here in a few days.
I also ordered a new SD card from an EBay Shop... 30 GBP for a 256MB SD Card incl. Delivery. W00T ! :)

Had a great weekend... Friday night, me, Jo, Kylee (Jo's Sister), Wayne, Rozza and El (Rozza's Flat/Housemate) went round to ASDA to get a load of Food for Kylee's Birthday Party... so we managed to rack up over 100 GBP's worth of food before we got the the checkout.. and that was without the alcohol !

Then, once we had finished (12:30 AM (i.e, in the morning (i.e: just after midnight)) we went back to Kylee's and ordered a bunch of Chinese... mm.. Sweet and Sour Chicken for me ! :)

Along comes saturday, and after a few hours bowling, we head back to Kylee's for the BBQ, Guess who ended up cooking... yes, thats right.. Your's Truly... as usual ! :) Anyways.. we got the BBQ Lit, and, as usual, it started to rain... it then proceeded to rain... so, I completed cooking the last of the chicken that was there, and the BBQ steadily sizzled with the precipitation... it was almost hypnotic :)

Then, after several Pints of caffery's whilst bowling and cooking, i started showing ppl how to drink Tequila, Mexican Stylee !! : )

1. Take a Quater of a LIME
2. Dip Quater of Lime in salt (I usually go point first, not tooo much salt!)
3. Bite into lime, and get lots of juice and salt in your mouth
4. Remove Lime from mouth
5. While lime juice is in the mouth, Down the Tequila with the Juice.
6. Steady one's self, and regain balance.

So, after a few of those, I was reasonably wasted... so I decided spiders was a good idea... oh dear... Rozza drove us there.. all 6 of us, in his mazda... me, Wayne, Kylee, and El were all a bit squished in the back... and Rozza likes to take his corners quite speedily... as the Police Man outside spiders kindly pointed out to him ! Nice one Rozza ! :)

Anyways, after queuing for 20-30 minutes.. we entered the club, and ordered a lemonade from the bar (I was already at my limiy, and the Car journey had left my stomach a little uneasy), which I promptly drank. I made my way thru the club to the rear bar, and order another lemonade. Which bizarrely enough cost me 2.50GBP, was green, and tasted oddly alcoholic. For some reason, I fear that this was not lemonade ? From then on, the rest of the evening is a bit of a blur, however, I do remeber being in a mosh pit at some point, and I also remeber walking home.

More later... Have Fun !

Friday, July 23, 2004

Bonus !

Would you believe... I got a Bonus from work today.. Yahoo !!! Here I come digimatrix.
Bisscuitt: *drool*

THats all i have for today... oh, and a small payrise aswell... not sure how much yet.. probs about 2.3% or summat.. can't complain...

Have Fun y'all !

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

News in brief

My First update for a while.

I'm afraid I've been blissfully enjoying married life ! Hope you all don't mind ! :)

The Wedding went great, and the honeymoon was awesome... however, it seems that we can't claim from insurance for anything that went wrong on the wedding day, but not that we care, the things that went wrong made the day more special.

I've been ill all weekend, so i havn't actually had chance to put a full weeks work in yet... shame that. :)

anyways, hope you are all well... Send me all your wedding photos !

Have Fun,