Friday, October 22, 2004


Get Firefox!

It's Party Time!

I'm hosting a party to celebrate Mozilla Firefox going GOLD! thats right ladies and gentlemen FireFox V1.0 will be available to download very soon.

Click the link above for details. and to register your interest. If i get enough ppl to register, i'll see about getting a function room, and maybe free food!

Have Fun PPL, Be excellent to each other!

Monday, October 18, 2004

TekuitiTV is offline!

Immense Sadness today as TekuitiTV announces it's permanent closure.

Problems with TekuitiTV appeared on Friday 15th of October at approx 12:30pm, when TekuitiTV mysteriously ceased broadcasting. A spokesman for TekuitiTV was rumoured to be heard muttering "Goddamn muppets... wouldn't know a security polivy if it slapped 'em in the face". This statement was later retracted by TekuitiTV on the grounds that it was the personal feelings of the employee, and not that of TekuitiTV.

The official Comment for the problems is this: "Due to contractual problems, TekuitiTV has had to cease broadcast. I'm sure our fan will be greatly upset, and because of this, we deeply regret this decision to go out without a fight!".

Any fans (note: ANY) will now have to find something else to amuse themselves other than the Peepshow that was BiSScuiTT's puny existence.

In other News:

The trip back from Sweden was much better than the outbound crossing, flat calm all the way home. Much more enjoyable. Also, We managed to break the habit of a lifetime by NOT going to McDonalds! Most enjoyable.

Final Thoughts About Sweden:
* More expensive than we imagined (worked out exchange rate wrong)
* Very Clean, everywhere
* Cold, but a nice dry, icy cold, unlike the UK's damp cold.
* People were very pleasant.
* Horses Should *NOT* be able to do an 'Irish dance' nor the 'Flamenco'

Just before Sweden, I went to visit the Quak about my Ticker again, this time at Castle Hill Hospital. I must say the service I received from the NHS there was First Class. I went straight in for an ECG, then a EKG (I know how Jo feels with the whole ultrasound thing now.... but dude, I got to see my heart beating on a screen, it was SO COOL!) and then straight Through to the doctor, who checked me over, and told me that it just looks like i have an extra Heart Beat every so often, and apart from making me feel really weird, it is not a problem at all, and is quite common for ppl my age (21). But to be on the safeside, I have to go for a 24hr ECG. They are gunna strap a machine to me (about the size of a walkman) for a full 24hrs, which will record everything my heart does, then they'll check over all the data to see if anything bizarre happened.

So, Everything seems to be working out really well.

Just the house move to get sorted now.... which is going reasonably speedy... more on that later.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sweden is COLD !

I'm Writing this from the "Princess of Scadinavia" in dock in Goteburg (Gothenberg) - Sweden.... i'm using my iPAQ, so please excuse all the spelling mistkas!

We had a horrible crossing lastnight.... the North Sea was rather choppy, and both me and Jo were sick as dogs :)

We had a quick stop in Norway on the way this morning (lots of trees!) and therafter the sailing was good, and we managed to get some proper low-quality, high priced Ferry Company provisions down our gullets.

This evening in Goteburg was fun... we happened to stumble upon what we thought was a circus, which actually turned out to be a horse show. I'm tellin' ya, you havn't seen anything until you've seen a horse do the flamenco!

After the show, we went to the first restaurant with English subtitles (mainly to get out of there intense 2degree heat). I ordered the nicest steak I had eaten since Mexico, And Jo went for a safe Lasagna. And then it was back to the ship to fill in my Blog, and get some proper Kip!

Night Y'All, and have fun.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Boring !

I'm so BORED !

The GFX Card in my PC at work blew up today... which wasn't too good, however, i'm now sat at work, with nothing to do but fill in this blog ! The guys said they can fix it tommorow, which is of little use to me seen as I am off work tommorow thru till tuesday.

So next week i'll have hordes of project managers breathing down my neck about why this and that hasn't been done, and that it was on my Time Plan. And then i'll be able to correct them with things like "you morons managed to put plans on days that i had already booked of" and "My PC died you twunt... what you want me to do.. magic code out of thin air!"

Anyways... I went to the Sheffield Hallam Hospital yesterday... Saw Dr. Helana Davies Which was nice, she is pretty cool, She gave me her card so I could send here the details of the cardiologist I am going to see tommorow (I knew i'd forget to do that today).

So Yeah, eveery checked out fine. She said some of the medication i had as a kiddie can have side effects relating to heart problems. But she checked my ECG, and none of them showed up, which is nice, and something I'll be able to tell the Cardiologist tommorow. She's looking forward to meeting my Wife, and Child next year.

Oh, on Friday me and Jo Set sail for a long weekend to Gothenberg in Sweden. Sailing from newcastle... Should be able to pickup some authentic traditional Swedish Flat-Pack furniture, something i am whole heartedly looking forward too. Should be nice on the ferry tho... we get to spend 3 nights on it, one night being in Gothenburg, with which we get to spend most of the afternoon, and the evening in.

Well... there are enough rants for now... i'll let you know how the whole thing goes.

Have Fun,