Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sweden is COLD !

I'm Writing this from the "Princess of Scadinavia" in dock in Goteburg (Gothenberg) - Sweden.... i'm using my iPAQ, so please excuse all the spelling mistkas!

We had a horrible crossing lastnight.... the North Sea was rather choppy, and both me and Jo were sick as dogs :)

We had a quick stop in Norway on the way this morning (lots of trees!) and therafter the sailing was good, and we managed to get some proper low-quality, high priced Ferry Company provisions down our gullets.

This evening in Goteburg was fun... we happened to stumble upon what we thought was a circus, which actually turned out to be a horse show. I'm tellin' ya, you havn't seen anything until you've seen a horse do the flamenco!

After the show, we went to the first restaurant with English subtitles (mainly to get out of there intense 2degree heat). I ordered the nicest steak I had eaten since Mexico, And Jo went for a safe Lasagna. And then it was back to the ship to fill in my Blog, and get some proper Kip!

Night Y'All, and have fun.

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