Monday, October 18, 2004

TekuitiTV is offline!

Immense Sadness today as TekuitiTV announces it's permanent closure.

Problems with TekuitiTV appeared on Friday 15th of October at approx 12:30pm, when TekuitiTV mysteriously ceased broadcasting. A spokesman for TekuitiTV was rumoured to be heard muttering "Goddamn muppets... wouldn't know a security polivy if it slapped 'em in the face". This statement was later retracted by TekuitiTV on the grounds that it was the personal feelings of the employee, and not that of TekuitiTV.

The official Comment for the problems is this: "Due to contractual problems, TekuitiTV has had to cease broadcast. I'm sure our fan will be greatly upset, and because of this, we deeply regret this decision to go out without a fight!".

Any fans (note: ANY) will now have to find something else to amuse themselves other than the Peepshow that was BiSScuiTT's puny existence.

In other News:

The trip back from Sweden was much better than the outbound crossing, flat calm all the way home. Much more enjoyable. Also, We managed to break the habit of a lifetime by NOT going to McDonalds! Most enjoyable.

Final Thoughts About Sweden:
* More expensive than we imagined (worked out exchange rate wrong)
* Very Clean, everywhere
* Cold, but a nice dry, icy cold, unlike the UK's damp cold.
* People were very pleasant.
* Horses Should *NOT* be able to do an 'Irish dance' nor the 'Flamenco'

Just before Sweden, I went to visit the Quak about my Ticker again, this time at Castle Hill Hospital. I must say the service I received from the NHS there was First Class. I went straight in for an ECG, then a EKG (I know how Jo feels with the whole ultrasound thing now.... but dude, I got to see my heart beating on a screen, it was SO COOL!) and then straight Through to the doctor, who checked me over, and told me that it just looks like i have an extra Heart Beat every so often, and apart from making me feel really weird, it is not a problem at all, and is quite common for ppl my age (21). But to be on the safeside, I have to go for a 24hr ECG. They are gunna strap a machine to me (about the size of a walkman) for a full 24hrs, which will record everything my heart does, then they'll check over all the data to see if anything bizarre happened.

So, Everything seems to be working out really well.

Just the house move to get sorted now.... which is going reasonably speedy... more on that later.

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