Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Icy Finger of Death

Well, it seems Thursday turned out to be an unexpectedly 'interesting' day.

We were due at our Antenatal (now called 'parent-craft') classes at 7pm on thursday. So, seen as both me and Jo finished work at 6pm, we decided to have a quick bite to eat in the Admiral and then walk down to Antenatal classes which were less than a mile away.

While eating my Peperonni and Mozarella Paninni, and supping on my botlle of Corona... Well, you know those heart palpitations I mentioned here a while back... Well, they came on, and they came on bad! I Kinda thought nothing of it, Even though they were beginning to become quite painful.

We left the pub at about 6:30pm, where I mentioned to Jo that I had been having strong palipations, and that I was now beginning to feel quite strange... At first I thought it might have been the beer doing what beer does best.... but one bottle? I don't think so! After about 5 minutes or so of walking, my knees started to feel weak and swollen and then I started getting pins&needles and numbness in my fingers and toes... which rapidly spread to my hands and feet.

At this point I was feeling quite strange... I was very light headed, and I was having trouble concerntrating and putting sentences together (yeah, yeah... I mean WORSE than usual! Jackass!).

Just around the corner of the clicnic (conveniently located just behind the hospital) I nearly passed out, but Jo, and a nearby building helped me keep my balance (cheers guys!) than, a short walk through the car park clutching to my pregnant wife's arm began to render searing pains up my arm...

Brain: "OMG! OMG! pain in arms? Palitations? Tight Chest? Dizziness? Holy shit! were are having a heart attack dude!"

Well... nice one brain.. it was the wrong arm! I had searing pain in my Right ARM, It's the LEFT arm for heart attacks! Anyhoo, I digress....

After sending Jo (NOT running, she is pregnant remember) to get some help from the now literally '2 seconds away' Nurses who run the Parencraft Classes. I began to fall to the floor... I soon figured this wasn't a heart attack when I didn't clutch my chest and keel over. I manged to hobble to some railings and collapse over them (i didn't want to get my jacket dirty now eh?) and awaited some assistance. Moments later several guys (including the car park security guard, who had seen my trouble from accross the car park) and the nurses came to my aid and found me a nice comfy seat inside the surgery... while Jo waited outside and called an ambulance.

Now, with me being just behind the hospital, you wouldn't expect an ambulance to take very long would you... well... you were right... it must have been less than 10 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

The paramedics checked my blood pressure and pulse as i informed them of all my past medical history... there wern't particularlaly worried, but they took me to the ambulance for a quick ECG before taking me to the hospital to get checked out by a doctor.

4 Hours later, and after 2 more ECG's, a Heart monitor, 2 Vials of blood, a piss in a jar ( I'd had that beer remember!) and several visits from a doctor, I was told that they could find nothing wrong anywhere and I could go home.... and I did just that!

However, still curious about my predicament (I mean, healthy 21 year old male's don't just keel over in the street for no reason do they?), I visted my GP the next day. After mentioning that I am still awaiting my test results for the 24 Hr ECG I had in december, she stated that what had happend at the hospital meant good things... if they couldn't find anything wrong with my heart there anf then, it was pretty likely that my ticker is in tip-top condition! which is always nice to hear...

She put it down to the 2 things left for docotors to blame: it was either a viral infection, or simply releated to stress/anxiety.

That's my story, and i'm sticking to it! Have fun y'all!

Saturday, February 05, 2005


OMG! OMG! OMG!, this is sooooooooo cooooooooooool!

I'm sat in a hotel in the middle of Brusells, Belgium. And guess what? THEY HAVE FREE WIFI! w00t! :)

We have had an awesome day.. it's currently 16:05(GMT+1), and after too pints of strong dutch courage (also know as duvel (a localbeer (nicknamed the 'devil'))) I'm rather sozzled... but not to sozzled to actually spell sozzled in it's correctness*. We had a great morning looking in choclate shops and at really old buildings.... it's been fun, i'm sure this evening will hold even more.

The hotel is awesome (this should be aparent due to it's free wifi.) and Is located infront of a majestic church, who's market place today has been occupied by a veryy quaint antiques market. It's so... well... nice! very quiet, very relaing, exactly what I need to clear my head.

More tomorrow... have fun ppl!

* Sozzled is not a dictionary word, and i'm assuimg it's spelling, and therefore it's correctnes... (Sozzled is a trademark of Tekuiti Systems**, Copyright 2005***)
** Trademark not withstanding
*** Copyright not actaully held.