Friday, April 29, 2005

Driving goodness

Now that we are all settled back into our routines at Home (and me at work) I'm pushing on heartily with getting my driving test passed.

This Afternoon I managed to pass my Theory, even with it's new Hazard Perception and Car maintainence Mumbo-Jumbo!

Everybody at home is reported as well, which is more I can say for everybody in the office!

Have Fun Y'all

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Who's The Daddy ?

Sadly due to time constraints and lack of GSM & WiFi at Hull women's and children's Hospital, This post has been sometime coming...

Ruben Dade-Alexander Bissett was born at 12:17 on April 12th 2005. He weighed a mighty 9lb 12oz and was eventually delivered by Emergency caesarian 26 Hours after Jo was induced, and 32 Hours after her waters had broken.

Photos Of Ruben

I must say I have never been more proud of both of them! Jo stuck at things, even though they looked really rough, and managed to stick to her plan of avoiding Heavy Pain relief. The C-Section however did require a spinal (anesthetic directly into the spine via a big fat needle). Jo handled this incredibly well, taking into account her phobia of needles.

We'd like to say a GREAT BIG THANK to everybody involved and at the hospital!

More information and birth stories later.

Monday, April 04, 2005

My PDA Rocks.

Sorry about the huge amount of posts today... however I am trying to make my posts more random.... and to do so I am writing a test entry from my PDA. this way I can uodate anywhere, anytime!

The Tekuiti Annual Sheep Sheering Competition.

Details Below.

Sounds like a complete riot... Wish I could have attended.

* No bad jokes to day.... the article has it's fair share of Puns and Innuendo. I mean... fancy a name like FAGan... really ?? sheep shearing.... my god !!

Have Fun Kids!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Considering that my darling wife was due to pop the sprog on Saturday... I figured it was about time i pulled my finger out and got on with getting the little tyke's bedroom sorted out.

You know the Wooden flooring I'm talking about. That stuff that clicks together... My God.. it's fine when you have a couple of people to do it, but seen as my 'Large As the Queen of the Sea Cows (with child)' Wife was wholly incapacitated all weekend due to a cold, the flooring as left to yours truly (Excluding a good 30 mins of help from Rozza).

Have you tried to do that flooring single manned before... the first couple of bits are easy, but when you are in a 10 Meter Square room, you have to be some sort of amazing contortionist to be able to reach everything moving at the same time. Reading the black and white instructions on the back of the Flooring boxes really didn't go into any details on repositioning limbs to where they need to, yet should never be i had to figure things out for myself. Anyways... a few scraped knees and dislocated joints later. BAM! the flooring is all done.

Next job was the Skirting... Unbeknownst to me the floor of my early 19th Century house appears to be concave in the center by +2 Inches... MY god.. the skirting looks great in the middle, but at either end there is a enough room for a heard mongolian traffic wardens! Gaaaaaaaaah!

And to top things of, the missus is still bearing (hogging) the fruits of our marriage within her belly.

More woe later...