Thursday, December 08, 2005

Parting Sentiments

So, Last night was the KC X-MAS Party.

I figured I'd go... seen as I have resigned, I decided that I'd like the company to get me Pissed one last time.... So, I donned my penguin suit and escorted Jo to our Stretched Limo.

At leaving time, I decided it was Time to have a word with the Big Boss Man. So, my Boss, Phil, was stood there... I had to say something! I'm leaving.... What have I got to loose!

So, I walked up, and shook his hand and said "I've learnt a lot working for you".I then proceeded to ask him to Kiss Daphne, The inflatable sheep i stole from the bar earlier in the evening. He sadly declined, and I ran off before I made an even bigger DRUNKEN GOIT of myself.

But, I look back in fondness of the moment, and it will be with me forever!

also: Chuck Norris pwnz j00

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