Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Location: A Quiet City Centre Newsagents (a fair distance from the hospital).
Time: Lunch.

Seanie: I should just like to enter into this Local Convenice shop for a chilled beverage to complement this Cornish Pasty that I Recently purchased.
BiSScuiTT: Right Ho' old chap!, I shall shelter near the entrance to escape this ghastly weather.
Seanie: *Goes to Refrigerator at the rear of the shop*
BiSScuiTT: *waits*.

Mr.X: *Quietly asks the purveyor of the convenience store* Do you have any with Big... ermm... *cups hands over his chest*
ShopKeep: Try up the top.... that one at the back might be what you want
Mr.X: Oh yes.... that's perfect... *sudden realisation that there are other people in the shop, including an elderly gentleman who just entered*
Mr.X: ERmm... it's errr... FOR MY MATE! In.. err.. Hospital ! Yeah.. Hospital, Definitely Hospital, and in conclusion.... HOSPITAL!
BiSScuiTT: *Secretly Sniggering, but trying not to judge*
Seanie: *Hears Everything*
ShopKeep: *Raises left eyebrow*
Mr.X: Hand over Cash

*Two Women enter the Worlds Busiest City Centre Newsagents.*

Woman1: Oh... 'ello Bill!
Mr.X: *Realises his name is Bill*.
Seanie: *Queues behind Mr.X*
Shopkeep: *Hands Razz Mag To Bill (i.e: Mr. X)*
Mr.X: Errmmmmm.... Er.... Ello Luv! Ermm... How's you *hugs*
Woman1: What you been buying....
Mr.X: Ermm... It's err... For my Mate... In Hospital... Yeah... errmm... he's stuck in bed and all that!?
BiSScuiTT & Seanie: *Can barely hold laughter*
Seanie: *Quickly completes his transaction for a chilled bottled beverage*
Woman1 (i.e: Mrs. X): What the?! but...
BiSScuiTT & Seanie: *Quickly flee the Now Overcrowded shop to allow for breathing, and hysterical laughter*

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