Sunday, December 31, 2006

NSFW: Wayne's pornstar bedroom

NSFW: Wayne's Pornstar Bedroom

Wayne's brand new silk sheets which his mother got him for Xmas are put to good use for the first time.

Happy New Year Wayne!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Job Update

I started my new job with Siemens 2 weeks ago. The job is awesome, I'm working on some really big projects and the people I am working with are fantastic. In bad news though, I've already had to take a day of on sick. I was up all night with a high temperature and I have been laid in bed all day swallowing pain killers and Flu tablets like mad.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jo and Ruben tomorrow night tho!

Jo Has handed in her resignation to Kingston Communications, and has applied to start a nursing course in September.

We have also found a gorgeous new house we are going to be moving into as soon as possible in January.

Right now tho, I'm concerntrating on get Well, Getting home and spending XMas with the family. I really miss everybody back in Hull and can't wait to see them all again over te holiday period.

Have Fun peeps,

See you soon!

Monday, December 04, 2006

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Unexpected Ending.

You know how sometimes you watch a movie... Which you are not particularly enjoying, and you wish you weren't actually watching it, yet there is something engrossing you to the point where you can't just get up and walk away, but then, right there at the end of the movie... something happens that saves the whole thing from being a disaster.

A bit like Armageddon, the movie drags, the dialog sucks and the storyline is unrealistic an full of bad science. But then, right there at the end... the Hero (in this case Bruce Willis) dies! This has left my memory of the entire film as 'Not that Bad' as a posed to just 'plain awful'

Well, This is kinda how I am viewing the past year. Not the taking my whole life part... but in the fact that this year has been nothing but misery, the most terrible year on record infact.

The year began with a terrible start when I began commuting to Leeds on a daily basis, by train no less.... This made me quite miserable very quickly. Then, A few weeks into the new year, Jo was prescribed anti-depressants and diagnosed with post natal depression. No sooner had she finished said anti-depressants due to 'Irregular and severe side-effects' Ruben became ill for the first time.

After the doctors basically telling us to prepare for the fact that our son has Leiukemia, he was diagnosed with Neutropenia, as many of my previous posts will tell you. Then, after his operation my mental health deteriorated to the point that I had to see 2 separate psychiatrists.

My infant memories of my torturous treatment of cancer were brought forward 22 years by the similarities of the treatment Ruben was receiving, brining me horrific flashbacks and basically turning me into self-depressing emotionless monster.

Finally however, after all our treatments and after all the hardship and stress, we have found new light. My PTSD is now managable thanks to my amazing Doctors, Jo has worked not only through her PND, but has surpassed herself and been working with counsellors regarding her assertiveness. She is a new woman, more amazing than before. So amazing infact, that she is beginning to amaze even herself! We are now coping with Rubens Illness much better, and are getting into the routine of frequently visiting the hospital. Everyday we learn more about the condition and it gets easier and easier to manage.

There are big changes comming our way. I have scored a new job working with Siemens looking after the WWW and Streaming Media Servers which hold the content. This however will mean moving to Maidenhead near London.

Plans are already in place, Our house is on the market (with an interested party), Jo has been able to get a job In Hemel Hemstead (still working for Kingston Communications), I have found somewhere to stay until the new year and we are both really looking forward to it.

It's going to be hard leaving all our friends and family behind, but we really feel that a new start like this is going to be the best way to move forward with our lives. We also understand that moving away while Ruben is ill isn't going to be easy, but his condition *could* be permanant and our family have to move on with our lives around any problems.

I start my job in a few weeks, but I am not going to say goodbye just yet, I'll be home for Xmas, and we are planning a big party to make sure we see everybody before we go!

Well, that's my rant, sorry it's so long, but it's been a while and it ain't easy to sum up an entire year in one blog entry! Especially one that has been as eventful as this.

Peace out y'all!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Naming Ceremony Video

I finally got around to putting this online.

The naming Ceremony took place well over a year ago and I finished the Video just in time for it's anniversary earlier in the year.

You can download the video here: Ruben's Naming Ceremony

It is pretty long and a lot of it is in-audible... But you'll like the video messages I have attached to the end. We plan to use this video to embarrass Ruben on his 18th Birthday! :)

It's my first ever real video editing... so be gentle! I used a program called Kino to edit the video stream from the camera. It's a pretty basic, but very easy to use package.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Re: Compo Entry

I received the following this afternoon:

--- SNIP ---
Re: Compo Entry
From: Perlcast
To: BiSScuiTT
Date: Today 3:17:46 pm

You won a copy of Perl Hacks! Could you send me your address so that
I can have the book shipped?

--- SNIP ---


I won something!.... something useful! Thankyou Josh McAdams and the PerlCast team!

Perlcast is a podcast with information and updates on the PERL language. For more info, checkout the site:

Saturday, October 14, 2006


it's hull fair week, and Ruben is well impressed.

He especially enjoyed the slides, and was mesmorised by all the lights and sounds...

We have totally spoilt him rotten, but we don't care because we are just enjoying having him out of hospital!

I took an unhealthy amount of fair goodies to work in leeds, but nobody seemed to understand the whole hull fair concept... but seeing peoples faces light up like they were kids again really lightened my day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ruben: Meningitis Scare over

Good news everybody!

Ruben doesn't have meningitis!!! It seems that some Meningococcal Bacterium managed to infect the blood sample after it left Ru's body, probably due to poor hand hygiene (hopefully in the lab). However, he was promptly given the anti-biotic for the Meningitis as it took 2 days to confirm the results.

The repeated blood tests however did show a Diplococcus bacterial infection, which CAN lead to Meningitis infections... However, the anti-biotic that had already been administered will have killed this infection.

Ruben is currently happy and healthy at home. The Neutropenia is still a major issue and has not improved.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ruben: Meningitis Scare.

Well, it all started as a routine trip into the hospital when Ruben's temperature reached 39.6 celcius (thats very high btw). As usual, the doctors did blood tests and had a good look at Ru.

They sent us home the next day with some oral anti-biotics, as it appeared to be a viral infection.

On wednesday morning, we had a call from the Hospital stating that the blood tests had come back and there was some concern.

It seems Ru's blood contained some meningogcoccal bacteria (i.e: meningitis). However, the Doctors and Lab Technical believe it was just some bacteria that was resting on the skin.

Just to be on the safe side, he is back on the strong antibiotics until his repeated blood cultures tests are back on sunday.

Ruben is suprisingly well, he is laughing and playing happily today.

It is certainly an un-nerving time, however we are all keeping our spirits high and fingers firmly crossed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A ray of light.

To be perfectly honest, The last few weeks since my last post have been crap. More to the point, I've been crap.

With all the shit that's been going on I've abandoned all my friends, constantly screwed up at work and generally been quite shit. I managed to crawl into my own little pit of misery were I lay wallowing in my depression.

Ah, but things have changed now. A ray of light hath appeared up on to me.

We finally got some results from Ruben's all important Bone Marrow test. It was Good news... Probably the best news we could have hoped for actually. The tests showed that Ruben's Bone Marrow was performing excellently, and that it was prodcuing the Neutraphil cells and depositing them into the blood stream just like good marrow should.

The problem then, appears to lie in the blood itself. It would seem that Ruben's other antibody cells are destroying his neutraphil cells. This is known as Auto-Immune Neutropenia.

The Good News:
Ruben's Illnesses should not be as severe as with other forms of Severe Chronic Neutropeina.
The condition will disappear when Ruben is roughly 5-7 Years old.
Most illnesses Ruben gets *should* be treatable with standard Anti-Biotics

The Bad News:
There is no cure, only waiting and treating infections.
Ruben is more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections.
These Infections still need rapid treatment to prevent serious infections.
It will mean Me, Jo and Ruben will spend most of his Infant Life in and out of hospital.

As you can see from above, Things could have tunred out much worse. Sure, there are some bad points, but ultimately there is a positive end insight. Providing we stay vigilant to Ruben's frequent infections I'm sure we can get to a happy ending.

As ever, for information about neutropenia, Wikipedia will fill you in

Other things that have happened in the past Few Weeks:
* Jo has been on tour in Germany with the Orchestra
* My Brother Mike Has Been visiting the UK
* Went to Wacken Open Air metal Festival - Photos
-- TODO (Before Death): Crowd Surfing <Tick>
* Got Stoned In Amsterdam
* Been Seeing a Shrink to get me head fixed
* Wallowing in self-pitty
* Trying to get work done.
* Been skating at Ings Skate Park
* Pulling self together and getting life back on track. (Most recent)
* Slowly beginning plans to start a PirateCore Punk Band.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ruben: Operation Port-A-Cath

Rubens Operation ran very smoothly on Tuesday afternoon.

He had a Port-a-Cath fitted, which is now a raised bump (about 150mm radius) underneath his skin about 200-300mm below his right nipple. He also had a bone-marrow biopsy taken, the results of which we should have in a few weeks.

The Tube which lies underneath Rubens skins goes from the Port, up to near his neck, where it is inserted into a main artery and then goes down right to the heart.

This will make it very easy for the doctors to take bloods and administer IV Antibiotics when Ruben is sick. It is left underneath the skin and goes directly to the heart to greatly reduce the risk of infection.

This all feels so very strange... My brain doesn't quite know how to comprehend everything.

OK, This is where things went strange.... While typing the above blog entry, I realised how Dull and boring it actually was... I wanted to write about how I felt about the whole thing, but my brain was having none of it.

So, I finally decided to go and face some demons and get this figured out in my head.

An hour later I'm riving about on the bed having flashbacks from the cancer treatment i had over 20 Years ago, when I was Rubens age. I saw memories i never knew I had. Things that had be blocked away. Things I should have never had to remember, but due to the similarities of Ruben's port to my treatment I have been forced to remember.

The flashback was the single most excruciatingly painful thing I have ever done, both physically and emotionally. The power of the mind is amazing... I was living through my treatment for a second time. I was physically held down, I could hear the noises of the Radiotherapy machines, I could feel my hair falling out!!!

After it all, I just sat there on the floor, almost catatonic for nearly another Hour... I honestly could not believe what had just happenend. Where these real memories or just things i thought i should be remembering. After a quick chat with my (now totally freaked out) mum, she assured me that these were real memories.

I'm obviously not coping with things as well as I had thought. I've talked to the Ward nurses and I'm going to get some counselling... see if there is anything else my sub-conscious needs to tell me.
Back to Ru News, He's still in the hospital today, and back on the strong Anti-biotics. His last Neutraphil count was 0.19.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ruben: Not good news.

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I just wanted to put on an update about Ruben.

Sadly, Ruben's neutropenia hasn't cleared up by it's self. The graph below shows no trend of improvement regarding Rubens neutraphils.

The condition is considered as severe if the count is below 0.75. Only on one occasion has Rubens blood result been above 0.75 (13/03/06). The result on 23/05/2006 was a processing error from the lab.

To make matters worse... it seems that the doctors have now used all Ruben's veins to the point that they are finding it very difficult to get IV access to administer the Antibiotics he needs when he is ill. So, the doctors and ourselves have come to the decision of having a central line installed. This has hit us pretty hard, because it is the same type of central line that I had to have fitted when I had Cancer when I was Ruben's age.

While Ruben is in his operation for having the central line fitted, the doctors are going to take a bone marrow sample. They can then use that sample to try and shed some light onto Ruben's neutropenia. They may be able to tell us what type of neutropenia he has and may shed some light on what the issues currently are. It is unlikely that they can tell us the cause of the neutropenia though... infact, it may give us no information what-so-ever.

Naturally we are anxious to get some answers. Since my last post, Ruben must have been into hospital 5 or 6 times (totalling over 15 admissions). It is really beginning to become a strain on all our lives, and the hospital stays seem to become longer and more tiring each time.

As soon as I have the results of the biopsy, I'll be making a post.

Fingers x'd!

Have Fun,
A very depressed and anxious BiSScuiTT

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On a high

It could be the alcohol in my veins and the 'Code monkey' song in my brain, but i am on a totral high tonight!

I have acheived so much in so little time.. I have a beautiful family, and now, a great job were i actually feel appreciated.

I just wanna say that I love you Jo, and you and Ruben are my most greatest acheivements in life. The fact that we all work so well together are testemants to our own greatness!

Nobody could make me feel bad right now!

I hope everyone can all feel like this atleast once in there liftime... I feel like I have reached nirvana... Ru and Jo and me! Does it get any better ?

We have been though so much lately, things have been very hard, Ru has been in hospital and Jo has been unwell... I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown... But now we are so close to each other, a real family, and together we are unstoppable! I never want to forget this feeling!

Team Bissett unite!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Good mood!

Seanie chats up teh babes at the Linux Expo!

I'm in a good mood today, We managed to go an entire weekend without having to take Ru to hospital! Woo Hoo!

I'm taking my Wife out on a Date tonight. It's been such a long time since we had a 'Date'.

Also, Makeing the above image put me in a good mood, and there is a great track floating on the web today.

You should totally listen to Code Monkey By Jonathan Coulton

My life summed up in a song ! ;)

Peace out ppl!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ruben: There and back again...

We got Ruben home on Thursday night (about 11pm) It had been a tiring week for us all. Jo had been ill with a bad chest infection, I was at the hospital going out of my mind in that tiny room for at least 20 hours everyday and suffering from chest pain myself. My Mum was also unwell and was unable to put too many hours in at the hospital. Phew! what a week!

Well, low and behold, Ruben's temperature jumped over 38 again on sunday morning. So it was straight back to the hospital for another 5 Day course of antibiotics. I must say, we did expect him to get ill at his birthday party, but we only had him home for 2 days! :(

On the Plus side tho, Jo is feeling MUCH better, and is now able to spend plenty of time at the hospital with Ru, which makes things easier for us both. Also, while we were at the hospital, i decided to go to A&E to have my chest pain checked out. It turns out I bruised a Rib while I was Snowboarding. AWESOME! Nothing a few strong painkillers won't sort out!

But, the best news is that of Ru's Birthday party. After a very depressing birthday in that dingy hospital room, Ruben was released and we had his birthday party as planned. Everybody turned up for what was an amazing day. Ruben loves all his new toys, and we think his new clothes are awesome! Thanks Guys! And a big thankyou to the Wacky Warehouse on Sutton Fields in Hull for a most enjoyable morning. Ruben LOVED the bouncy castle!

There are Pictures of the day.

Well, have fun everybody.
I'll keep posting about Ru when I have the chance!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ruben: Back in Hospital Again.

Well... Ru was back at Hull Royal again on saturday afternoon... For another 5 day course of anti-biotics. That means he is going to be in the Hospital for his birthday :( but we are still going to celebrate it, and everything is still set for Saturday!

Jo has also come down with a bad chest infection, which doesn't make things any easier for any of us.

Well, it's my turn to stay over tonight, so i'll have to get moving...

Peace out y'all!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ruben Update

Sorry for my lapse in updates lately! I've been pretty busy.

I thought you might like to know how Ruben is doing! Well, he's been back in hospital twice since the last time I posted on here! For at least 5 Days each time.

He is however currently at home and feeling fine! His walking is coming on very well indeed (photos soon).

Ruben has been diagnosed with a condition called Neutropenia. In lamens terms, this is a deficiency in his immune system which leads to him being very susceptible to bacteria and viruses. The condition is untreatable, all the doctors can do at the moment is treat the infections he is getting with anti-biotics.

At last count Rubens Neutraphils were at 0.02 Million per litre of blood. They should be between 1.5 and 7 Million per litre of blood.

However, the doctors are very optimistic that the Neutropenia is currently being casued by a virus, which will eventually pass through Rubens system and his immune system will return to normal.

If his infections are not treated quickly, they can become very serious very quickly! We have Open Access to the Ward in the hospital, So if Ruben's temperature reaches 38°c, we have to rush him straight to A&E.

The constant to-ing and fro-ing has been very hard on me and Jo, and Ruben has really been to hell and back. Thanks again to my bosses and co-workers at 186K for being so understanding during this difficult time. It has allowed me to spend some very important time with Ruben while he has been ill.

It really has been a rollercoaster these past few weeks.

Thnakyou for everybody's support. I'll post more news about Ru as soon as I get chance.

In other news:
* The Kitchen is demolished (pictures soon).
* I need to find a new Car share.
* We'll soon have new neighbours.
* Really nothing else exciting!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ruben Update: Back Home

Yay! Ruben has been sent home from hospital. A day earlier than we expected to be the earliest! Yay!

He's not 100% yet, but he's now on an oral medicine to combat whatever viruses or infections are still in his system.

His immune system is almost back to normal, but not quite.. so he has to stay indoors, and keep him away from anybody who is sick.

He's due back at the hospital on Thursday to check his bloods again,=.. To make sure everything is returning to normal.

Thanks to all the doctors and nurses for making him better. And Thankyou to everybody for your kind words and support.

Thanks to my Boss Dave, for being so understanding even though I only started a few weeks ago!

More pictures at: TPS: Ruben in Hospital

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ruben Update: Streptococcus

The Verdict is in:

Ruben has contracted Streptococcus. We are still awaiting the results of some blood cultures that will tell us exactly which strain of this bacterial infection is to blame for Rubens malaise.

Ru is currently receiving Anti-biotics (Tobramycin and Meropenem) at regular intervals day and night (via his cannula).
The entire course takes 5 days, so the soonest we can expect Ruben home is Wednesday. This however depends on wheter his White Blood Cell count (Immune System) is back to normal by then.

His cannula became blocked today and had to be removed. He has had a new cannula inserted into his foot, but heh.. at least he gets to suck his thumb again now, which should be ultimately more peaceful for all of us.

He was sick earlier today, but this is most probably due to a side-effect of the antibiotics.

More updates later tonight, and hopefully some more pictures.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ruben Update

Ruben is doing quite well... The last blood test results showed that his White Blood Cell Count is increasing, slowly but surely.

He is still on the Antibiotics.

I have posted some videos of him at:

So you can all see how happy and healthy he is.

I'll keep you posted!

P.S: Big Thanks to Kaz & Eris for the Sleep suits and Baby Grows! It's very appreciated!
P.P.S: Big Steve and Stacie for providing me with food! Get well soon Stacie! Steve: XBox 360s Still suck!

Ruben Update

Ruben was up most of the night... He's not been feeling very well at all...

However, his fever did not spike, so that is good news.

He has received 2 more doses of antibiotics...

I'll try and get some pictures posted today... But it's tricky getting internet access at the hospital.

There are some recent pictures of Ruben on The Tekuiti Photo System

More soon...

Medical De-ja-vu.

As some of you might know, Ruben was in Hospital last weekend.

He had been a bit funny last Friday morning.. and then we decided to rush him into A&E after he turned blue, passed out, regained consciousness a second later and proceded to projectile vomit everywhere.

We were sent home on Saturday after a night in hospital, with the diagnosis of: "It looks like he is fighting a virus, and he just needed some help with his blood sugar levels. He is fine now, and will be rid of the virus in a few days".

When i woke up this morning (Friday), I went to check on the little guy, to find him burning up! I'm surprised his bed sheets weren't on fire!!! We stripped him down and fed him some Calpol and things calmed down very quickly.

He was due in at the Hospital the same day to have his blood checked. To make sure his blood Sugar levels and White Blood Cell Count were returning to normal.

When Jo got to the hospital, she explained to the doctor about what happened this morning, and he told her not to go anywhere until the results came back. so, 6 Hours later (6pm), the results returned and we were told that his White Count had dropped dramatically since the blood test he received on Tuesday.

He Has now been admitted into hospital for at least the weekend, but it could take up to 5 Days to administer the course of intravenous antibiotics.

In the mean time he is being kept in strict isolation due to the low white cell count giving him very little immune system.

I left him there tonight with Jo, He arm all bandaged up with a cannular in his right arm, in one of the hospitals children's isolation suites. Anybody who enters has to scrub up and wear a special disposable apron to reduce the likelyhood of him catching anything in his fragile state... It's honestly all quite heart breaking.

I'm going back first thing in the morning... I just couldn't sleep until i had written about things.

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rest in peace Neo


Goodnight sweet Degu. Although your time here was short, you became a big part of our lives. I hope we served you well, and that you needed for nothing. We will all miss you. Especially your life partner, Binary.

Neo. May 2003 - 9th February 2006.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hard Drive Woe

Fecking Hard Drive blew up this morning at work.... so I'm just buying time until my data is copied to my new HD.

Have Fun Y'all!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Work, Work, Work....

That's all I feel like I'm doing lately. When that isn't exactly true. My routine consists of:

0600 Alarm Wakes me up
0610 Bus to Station
0630 Train to Leeds (sleep)
0740 Wake Up in Leeds(hopefully)
0800 Arrive at work after brisk walk.
1600 Leave work
1640 Train to Hull
1740 Arrive Hull
1800 Get home for family time
2230 Sleep.

This past week has been busy, what with all the overtime i've put in to put the new mailsystem live.

In other news:
* I slipped on a banana skin! Can you believe it ?
* R00bz is nearly walking!!
* The Robots will kill us all!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Great Job - Bad Start!

Well... I've learnt today that trains suck... Big time.... I missed My train this morning because they never told me that they changed the platform.... I nearly ended up in Doncaster!! And then missed the train by literally seconds!

And then I missed the train on the way home! And had to wait another Hour in yet another station !!

On the plus side: my new job is pretty cool! It's just like when I started at KI, but I'm be referred to as an expert ? I know? It was weird!

Oh well... Atleast tomorrow can't be any worse!