Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ruben Update: Streptococcus

The Verdict is in:

Ruben has contracted Streptococcus. We are still awaiting the results of some blood cultures that will tell us exactly which strain of this bacterial infection is to blame for Rubens malaise.

Ru is currently receiving Anti-biotics (Tobramycin and Meropenem) at regular intervals day and night (via his cannula).
The entire course takes 5 days, so the soonest we can expect Ruben home is Wednesday. This however depends on wheter his White Blood Cell count (Immune System) is back to normal by then.

His cannula became blocked today and had to be removed. He has had a new cannula inserted into his foot, but heh.. at least he gets to suck his thumb again now, which should be ultimately more peaceful for all of us.

He was sick earlier today, but this is most probably due to a side-effect of the antibiotics.

More updates later tonight, and hopefully some more pictures.

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