Monday, April 17, 2006

Ruben: There and back again...

We got Ruben home on Thursday night (about 11pm) It had been a tiring week for us all. Jo had been ill with a bad chest infection, I was at the hospital going out of my mind in that tiny room for at least 20 hours everyday and suffering from chest pain myself. My Mum was also unwell and was unable to put too many hours in at the hospital. Phew! what a week!

Well, low and behold, Ruben's temperature jumped over 38 again on sunday morning. So it was straight back to the hospital for another 5 Day course of antibiotics. I must say, we did expect him to get ill at his birthday party, but we only had him home for 2 days! :(

On the Plus side tho, Jo is feeling MUCH better, and is now able to spend plenty of time at the hospital with Ru, which makes things easier for us both. Also, while we were at the hospital, i decided to go to A&E to have my chest pain checked out. It turns out I bruised a Rib while I was Snowboarding. AWESOME! Nothing a few strong painkillers won't sort out!

But, the best news is that of Ru's Birthday party. After a very depressing birthday in that dingy hospital room, Ruben was released and we had his birthday party as planned. Everybody turned up for what was an amazing day. Ruben loves all his new toys, and we think his new clothes are awesome! Thanks Guys! And a big thankyou to the Wacky Warehouse on Sutton Fields in Hull for a most enjoyable morning. Ruben LOVED the bouncy castle!

There are Pictures of the day.

Well, have fun everybody.
I'll keep posting about Ru when I have the chance!

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