Monday, April 03, 2006

Ruben Update

Sorry for my lapse in updates lately! I've been pretty busy.

I thought you might like to know how Ruben is doing! Well, he's been back in hospital twice since the last time I posted on here! For at least 5 Days each time.

He is however currently at home and feeling fine! His walking is coming on very well indeed (photos soon).

Ruben has been diagnosed with a condition called Neutropenia. In lamens terms, this is a deficiency in his immune system which leads to him being very susceptible to bacteria and viruses. The condition is untreatable, all the doctors can do at the moment is treat the infections he is getting with anti-biotics.

At last count Rubens Neutraphils were at 0.02 Million per litre of blood. They should be between 1.5 and 7 Million per litre of blood.

However, the doctors are very optimistic that the Neutropenia is currently being casued by a virus, which will eventually pass through Rubens system and his immune system will return to normal.

If his infections are not treated quickly, they can become very serious very quickly! We have Open Access to the Ward in the hospital, So if Ruben's temperature reaches 38°c, we have to rush him straight to A&E.

The constant to-ing and fro-ing has been very hard on me and Jo, and Ruben has really been to hell and back. Thanks again to my bosses and co-workers at 186K for being so understanding during this difficult time. It has allowed me to spend some very important time with Ruben while he has been ill.

It really has been a rollercoaster these past few weeks.

Thnakyou for everybody's support. I'll post more news about Ru as soon as I get chance.

In other news:
* The Kitchen is demolished (pictures soon).
* I need to find a new Car share.
* We'll soon have new neighbours.
* Really nothing else exciting!

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