Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ruben: Not good news.

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I just wanted to put on an update about Ruben.

Sadly, Ruben's neutropenia hasn't cleared up by it's self. The graph below shows no trend of improvement regarding Rubens neutraphils.

The condition is considered as severe if the count is below 0.75. Only on one occasion has Rubens blood result been above 0.75 (13/03/06). The result on 23/05/2006 was a processing error from the lab.

To make matters worse... it seems that the doctors have now used all Ruben's veins to the point that they are finding it very difficult to get IV access to administer the Antibiotics he needs when he is ill. So, the doctors and ourselves have come to the decision of having a central line installed. This has hit us pretty hard, because it is the same type of central line that I had to have fitted when I had Cancer when I was Ruben's age.

While Ruben is in his operation for having the central line fitted, the doctors are going to take a bone marrow sample. They can then use that sample to try and shed some light onto Ruben's neutropenia. They may be able to tell us what type of neutropenia he has and may shed some light on what the issues currently are. It is unlikely that they can tell us the cause of the neutropenia though... infact, it may give us no information what-so-ever.

Naturally we are anxious to get some answers. Since my last post, Ruben must have been into hospital 5 or 6 times (totalling over 15 admissions). It is really beginning to become a strain on all our lives, and the hospital stays seem to become longer and more tiring each time.

As soon as I have the results of the biopsy, I'll be making a post.

Fingers x'd!

Have Fun,
A very depressed and anxious BiSScuiTT