Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A ray of light.

To be perfectly honest, The last few weeks since my last post have been crap. More to the point, I've been crap.

With all the shit that's been going on I've abandoned all my friends, constantly screwed up at work and generally been quite shit. I managed to crawl into my own little pit of misery were I lay wallowing in my depression.

Ah, but things have changed now. A ray of light hath appeared up on to me.

We finally got some results from Ruben's all important Bone Marrow test. It was Good news... Probably the best news we could have hoped for actually. The tests showed that Ruben's Bone Marrow was performing excellently, and that it was prodcuing the Neutraphil cells and depositing them into the blood stream just like good marrow should.

The problem then, appears to lie in the blood itself. It would seem that Ruben's other antibody cells are destroying his neutraphil cells. This is known as Auto-Immune Neutropenia.

The Good News:
Ruben's Illnesses should not be as severe as with other forms of Severe Chronic Neutropeina.
The condition will disappear when Ruben is roughly 5-7 Years old.
Most illnesses Ruben gets *should* be treatable with standard Anti-Biotics

The Bad News:
There is no cure, only waiting and treating infections.
Ruben is more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections.
These Infections still need rapid treatment to prevent serious infections.
It will mean Me, Jo and Ruben will spend most of his Infant Life in and out of hospital.

As you can see from above, Things could have tunred out much worse. Sure, there are some bad points, but ultimately there is a positive end insight. Providing we stay vigilant to Ruben's frequent infections I'm sure we can get to a happy ending.

As ever, for information about neutropenia, Wikipedia will fill you in

Other things that have happened in the past Few Weeks:
* Jo has been on tour in Germany with the Orchestra
* My Brother Mike Has Been visiting the UK
* Went to Wacken Open Air metal Festival - Photos
-- TODO (Before Death): Crowd Surfing <Tick>
* Got Stoned In Amsterdam
* Been Seeing a Shrink to get me head fixed
* Wallowing in self-pitty
* Trying to get work done.
* Been skating at Ings Skate Park
* Pulling self together and getting life back on track. (Most recent)
* Slowly beginning plans to start a PirateCore Punk Band.