Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Naming Ceremony Video

I finally got around to putting this online.

The naming Ceremony took place well over a year ago and I finished the Video just in time for it's anniversary earlier in the year.

You can download the video here: Ruben's Naming Ceremony

It is pretty long and a lot of it is in-audible... But you'll like the video messages I have attached to the end. We plan to use this video to embarrass Ruben on his 18th Birthday! :)

It's my first ever real video editing... so be gentle! I used a program called Kino to edit the video stream from the camera. It's a pretty basic, but very easy to use package.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Re: Compo Entry

I received the following this afternoon:

--- SNIP ---
Re: Compo Entry
From: Perlcast
To: BiSScuiTT
Date: Today 3:17:46 pm

You won a copy of Perl Hacks! Could you send me your address so that
I can have the book shipped?

--- SNIP ---


I won something!.... something useful! Thankyou Josh McAdams and the PerlCast team!

Perlcast is a podcast with information and updates on the PERL language. For more info, checkout the site:

Saturday, October 14, 2006


it's hull fair week, and Ruben is well impressed.

He especially enjoyed the slides, and was mesmorised by all the lights and sounds...

We have totally spoilt him rotten, but we don't care because we are just enjoying having him out of hospital!

I took an unhealthy amount of fair goodies to work in leeds, but nobody seemed to understand the whole hull fair concept... but seeing peoples faces light up like they were kids again really lightened my day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ruben: Meningitis Scare over

Good news everybody!

Ruben doesn't have meningitis!!! It seems that some Meningococcal Bacterium managed to infect the blood sample after it left Ru's body, probably due to poor hand hygiene (hopefully in the lab). However, he was promptly given the anti-biotic for the Meningitis as it took 2 days to confirm the results.

The repeated blood tests however did show a Diplococcus bacterial infection, which CAN lead to Meningitis infections... However, the anti-biotic that had already been administered will have killed this infection.

Ruben is currently happy and healthy at home. The Neutropenia is still a major issue and has not improved.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ruben: Meningitis Scare.

Well, it all started as a routine trip into the hospital when Ruben's temperature reached 39.6 celcius (thats very high btw). As usual, the doctors did blood tests and had a good look at Ru.

They sent us home the next day with some oral anti-biotics, as it appeared to be a viral infection.

On wednesday morning, we had a call from the Hospital stating that the blood tests had come back and there was some concern.

It seems Ru's blood contained some meningogcoccal bacteria (i.e: meningitis). However, the Doctors and Lab Technical believe it was just some bacteria that was resting on the skin.

Just to be on the safe side, he is back on the strong antibiotics until his repeated blood cultures tests are back on sunday.

Ruben is suprisingly well, he is laughing and playing happily today.

It is certainly an un-nerving time, however we are all keeping our spirits high and fingers firmly crossed.