Friday, October 06, 2006

Ruben: Meningitis Scare.

Well, it all started as a routine trip into the hospital when Ruben's temperature reached 39.6 celcius (thats very high btw). As usual, the doctors did blood tests and had a good look at Ru.

They sent us home the next day with some oral anti-biotics, as it appeared to be a viral infection.

On wednesday morning, we had a call from the Hospital stating that the blood tests had come back and there was some concern.

It seems Ru's blood contained some meningogcoccal bacteria (i.e: meningitis). However, the Doctors and Lab Technical believe it was just some bacteria that was resting on the skin.

Just to be on the safe side, he is back on the strong antibiotics until his repeated blood cultures tests are back on sunday.

Ruben is suprisingly well, he is laughing and playing happily today.

It is certainly an un-nerving time, however we are all keeping our spirits high and fingers firmly crossed.

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