Friday, December 22, 2006

Job Update

I started my new job with Siemens 2 weeks ago. The job is awesome, I'm working on some really big projects and the people I am working with are fantastic. In bad news though, I've already had to take a day of on sick. I was up all night with a high temperature and I have been laid in bed all day swallowing pain killers and Flu tablets like mad.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jo and Ruben tomorrow night tho!

Jo Has handed in her resignation to Kingston Communications, and has applied to start a nursing course in September.

We have also found a gorgeous new house we are going to be moving into as soon as possible in January.

Right now tho, I'm concerntrating on get Well, Getting home and spending XMas with the family. I really miss everybody back in Hull and can't wait to see them all again over te holiday period.

Have Fun peeps,

See you soon!

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