Friday, January 05, 2007

Ruben: Great News!

Hey Hey all!

We had some great news about Ruben today! His Neutrophil count came back at a High 1.58. This is an almost normal level (normal being 1.7). In actual fact, Neutropenia is defined as being a Neutrophil count of below 1.5.

Compared to recent constant readings of around 0.02 for the past few months, this could show some real signs of the 'spontaneous recovery' we have been hoping for and hearing about for many months.

We are trying not to set our hopes too high this early, but this news was far too good to just keep to our selves!

If the count is still up next Friday then we'll probably have reason to celebrate!

I'll keep you posted !

In other news: next weekend we are moving to Reading!

Have Fun Kids!

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anita said...

Hi! It's Anita from Canada...i have a 14 month old girl with SCN (her counts are usually 0-0.1). Congrats on the spontaneous rise in Ruben's neuts! Such a relief. We wish him full recovery! Our lil one has just started GCSF...her counts went up to 1.0 from 0 in just two injections. It's not spontaneous but we'll take it over the trips to emergency and monthly admissions to the hospital. Again - we will keep our fingers crossed for you.