Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ruben: back home

Ruben is back at home and feeling much better. We'll see you in hull this weekend ! Ruben's neutraphil count has dropped to 0.2. See you soon!

Monday, February 12, 2007

A whole new world....

Ruben fell ill again this weekend... So we had to check him into the Royal Berkshire hospital for the first time.

And I must say we are impressed. The admission process saw us with a doctor within 20 minutes of steeping onto the ward. The nurses seemed to know all about the Neutropenia and were in awe of Ruben's immense cuteness.

They knew exactly how to use his Port-A-Cath and the nurses took blood instantly and knew exactly what they weer doing. The whole process went like clockwork.

They then took Ruben to his suite, That's right... his Suite... After being used to a pokey little room in Hull Royal with dirty wallpaper falling from the wall, we were taken to a room which featured a proper bed, Full size wardrobe and other Bedroom furniture (as-well as the luxury of a window that opened).

We were shown the en-suite bath and shower facilities and then were introduced to our adjoining room featuring a TV/Video/DVD player, Double sofa bed and Kitchenette with our own Fridge and microwave. I was almost in tears it ha already made the whole experience much easier.

As for Ruben, he was just impressed with the sit-in car that was in the room waiting for him.

Ruben is doing well, He is currently going to be receiving IV Anti-biotics until Thursday at the earliest.

If you want to get in-touch, his patientline number is: 07040 264573. Please call us anytime. Calls from the phone are expensive and we are not allowed to use mobiles on the ward. Please call us. We want to hear from you!

In good news, His latest Neutraphil count came back at 1.0 when it was checked on Saturday night. Sadly tho, his platelet count was down. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that means apart from: "They are the cells that are used to clot the blood". The hope is that the platelets should recover in the next day or so when they are retested.

No need to panic (At least that is what I keep saying to myself.)

And for the record, We have never felt more distant from our friends and family than we do right now. We miss you guys!