Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This bee swarm in our front garden is half the size of 2 others in the back garden. There must be over 1000 bee's here, and atleast 2-3 thousand in each of the swarms in the back.

We are begining to feel like they have us surrounded ! :)

Have fun.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Long time, No post...

Hey guys.

Just a quick post to say I have some new photos up on the Photo Site. Lots of pics of Ruben and the things we have been doing since we moved to Reading.

I've been really busy at work, things are really hotting up on a major project. It's fun and exciting...

Jo is currently laid-up after an operation to remove all 4 wisdom teeth. Everything went well, it just hurts... alot...

I'm going for the same operation in a few weeks time.

Have fun ppl. Also, you can find me on Skype (Username: bisscuitt)