Thursday, November 01, 2007

Corporate Dress Code

So.. That's me yesterday.. At work.. dressed as a Pirate! I have fulfilled a career long dream of arriving at the office in full Pirate Regalia!

And it felt good. Oddly tho.. it wasn't being the center of attention for the day made it so great. Tbh, that part made me feel a slight peculiar. The fuzzy warm feeling came from the smiles, glances, double-takes and occasional "Arrs!!" I received from random strangers, both inside and outside the office.

Who would have though a few pieces of cloth/leather could change people's perspective of me so dramatically. Most people don't usually even give me a second glance.

It was enjoyable to reach out from the norm... not just for myself, but for everybody else too. And I know I made those strangers day because they saw a Pirate! It was awesome !

The best part was walking out of the local Sainsbury's and seeing two small children running around infront of me... they both stopped and stared at me as I walked passed... stunned and silent... then, from behind my back I heard: "Look MUM!.... a PIRATE!!!!"

May you be touched by his Noodly Appendage.