Thursday, January 31, 2008

Comedy Linkages

The above image is of my 2 Screens being filled with the bookmarks automagically created every time Seanie sends me teh linkage!

These are the links for last year.... as you can see there is barely 10% of my visible screen left after displaying all the bookmarks. Seanie... seriously... i'm scared.. look at some of the titles of those links!

The list of links can be found here:

BEWARE: Most of these links are NOT SAFE FOR WORK, EYES OR BRAIN. Seriously... you should NOT look at *ANY* of the links.. ever!!!!

Have Fun!

1 comment:

Seanie said...

It's not true! I would never look at such filth, never mind trying to make my friends look at it too!
I only ever send links to photos of puppies and bunny rabbits, you made the other ones up you degenerate pervert!