Friday, February 22, 2008

Music Help

I need help finding new music. Everything I listen too lately is too depressing. I'm finally finding myself in a good mood.. and all My media player wants to give me is depressing crap because I've been in a bad place for a while and that's what I *was* listening too.

Why is it so difficult to stay positive! seriously it's hard work.. and the last thing i need is my music player making presumptions about me ! :)

So.. I need *YOUR* help. Recommend some decent fun music that'll keep me in a good mood! Preferably something punky.

I listen to NOFX and Zebrahead a lot.. and Blink182 also have some fun lyrics... but I need something fresh!

My tags have 'emo' all over them ffs!!! halp me please!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I felt the same... so boring with my depressing musics at Media...
I don't know if I can help u because I didn't like 'emo' music but try something diferent...


BiSScuiTT said...

Thankyou random internet babe...

However.. I was trying to point out that I don't actually like 'emo' music... but keeps tagging everything as 'emo' because i spent a while listening to depressing music.

I'm really trying to find some fun/clever punk rock bands.. ! :)

gilly said...

What you need dude (and I've been telling you this for years) is some David Bowie in your listening gear!!!

opopOdodo said...

Dude - just look at iLike on my facebook page!

Loveless Love by The Feelies
Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem
Eat Yourself Fitter by The Fall
Carry Bag Man by The Fall
Gotta love the angelic voices in: Just My Imagination by The Temptations
For a laugh: Jenny by Flight of the Conchords
Bedroom Athlete by James Chance & The Contortions
Headache For Michelle by The Au Pairs
Four Enclosed Walls by PIL
Sweet Love For Planet Earth by Fuck Buttons
Damaged Goods by Gang Of Four
Reactor Party by Shitdisco
Namasté by Beastie Boys
Childrens Limbo by Venetian Snares
Nobody Home (Ultramarine Mix) by Nav Katze
Take Me Down To The Hospital by The Replacements
Anthrax by Gang Of Four (on tour)
Memories by PIL
Data Teira Durbar (Master In Your Court) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party
Mr. Suit by Wire (on tour)
Walking The Cow by fIREHOSE
Agadiramadan by Pierre Bensusan
06 - rip by Bikini Kill
East To West by Marc Houle
Little Johnny Jewel by Television
Self-Referenced by Minutemen
Morning From Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg
Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky
Good Morning, Captain by Slint

There's nowt wrong wi' a bit o' classical in there for contrast :-)