Monday, August 11, 2008


Phht.... so anyways... turns out that braking my nose on Tom Denton's head when I was playing rugby at school some 10 years ago has finally come back to haunt me.

The searing pain in my head is a direct result of the littel bastards head displacing my septum so badly that it is blocking one of my Sinus ducts... which has inevitibly lead to a killer sinus infection.

I'll get you for the this Mr Denton.... You'll rue the day I tried to tackle you with union rules!!

I've had a head scan becasue the scores of antibiotics don't seem to have worked too well... back to see the doctor on Thursday.

The pain is quite bareable now... and the sickness seems to have dissipated.... it'd be nice to have my sense of taste back tho.... I can't taste steak pie anymore !? How's a person supposed to live if they can't taste steak and ale pie ?

On the plus side.. I did get to see what the back of my throat looks like via my nose.... Fibre optics are this: ACES! I'll ask the doctor very nicely if I can have a picture :)

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