Thursday, September 18, 2008

10 Things I Learnt From My Nose Job

I've been asked a lot about the nosejob. The surgery went well but i'll have to wait 2 months to see if it was succesful. Here are the things I've learnt from the process:

1. It was not done for vanity reasons... People are beautiful the way they are.. I had it done because my sinuses were infected, swollen and full of puss. My Sinusitis is painful, debilitating and drives me mad with constant pressure, paranoia, anxiety and vision disturbances.

2. The doctor shoved fibre optics up my nose, Used a hammer and chisel to "re-shape my septum" and roto-routered my sinus passages with his surgical Dremel Multitool. Yes... Ofcourse it hurt.. it still hurts 2 weeks later and I expect it to hurt for at least another 2 weeks.

3. If the above pain was not enough.. they also packed an entire middle finger of a rubber glove up each nostril stuffed with wadding. Which they removed the next morning *AFTER* my morphine had just about Worn off. This bit gave me the most pain.

4. Genreal Anaesthetic is horrible. Even if your lucky enough for it to NOT make you vomit violently.... it can still make weird things like make you blood pressure crash or sky rocket. Having to deal with pain is one thing, but then having to deal with the effects of general anaesthetic at the same time is not fun.

5. The after care for a nose job is disgusting... I've had to rinse my nose with salt water (I've been using Sterimar) at least 3 times a day for over 2 weeks. At first you end up coughing up disturbing mixtures of soft dark red mucus encrusted blobs that make you want to be sick when you see them slump in the sink. They look something like small slithers of sheep liver.

6. Just because you woke up during one operation 22 years ago, it does not mean it is likely to happen again... even if it drives you to a psychiatrist when you remembered waking up in the first place.

7. Modern medicine is amazing!

8. The human body is amazing! The things you can put it through are incredible.

9. Doctors know nothing about how painful something is. Everybody deals with pain differently, but describing the pain from a Septoplasty and FESS as being as bad a "bop on the nose" is WAY off base!

10. If you have an option to get Private Medical cover from work. Do it! You never know when you'll need it and it is Fantastic! From initial GP consultation to surgery was less than 1 month.

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Alexis Owmizer said...

I can almost imagine your nose job experience. Whew! My sister is having difficulties with her sinus since that summer in Los Angeles years ago, so I think she really needs to seek help from doctors with the condition. Her nose is fine, actually. If ever she'll go under the knife, I hope her nose will be the same as it is now. Hehe!