Friday, September 12, 2008


You know you've been watching too much House when: at 10.30 am the doorbell rings.... you answer in just your dressing gown to find two retired women, slightly wrinkled with whispy white hair standing in front of you clutching books.

"Good morning, this morning we are asking your neighbours if you think there will ever be peace on earth?"
Me: "Oh, are you selling religion!? ..."
"... ermm.. were not sell.."
Me: "Oh, it's ok.... I bought islam just last week!"
Door: *slam*

Do you think god will smite me !? Maybe if there was a little less smiting there would be a lot more peace eh ?!

Have Fun!

1 comment:

zuffle1t said...

hot geriatric bible babes!

you shoulda invited them in and fucked the jesus out of them