Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saw the Ride Video blog - Review

I've been following the Project Dylan blogs for months now and to be honest I was expecting to be let down by all the hype.

When the e-mail came out from the Annual Pass guys to win 2 free tickets for the preview day on the 13th of March you can't imagine how fast I was clicking! An instant win... what a result and very rare for me to actually win something!

The park entrance had a red carpet.. but there was nothing special laid on until we actually got near the ride entrance. Thorpe Park certainly know how to put on a show. They had scary ass (but VERY sexy) stilt walkers freaking people out AND they had a fire breathing pirate juggling body parts. The first thing that got my attention was the Head Chopper spinning, it looks awesome! The rest of the theming is spectacular and I love the way they have integrated the photo both and shop into the theming as with the other rides in the park.

I was amazed to see an empty queuing system?! I couldn't believe my luck. From the video you can see some of the theming elements from the queue... it looks very authentic. Entering the final stage of the queue system inside the building is awesome. The staff were in a great a mood and even though they were blue shirts; they still put on a great show. After walking past a (once again quite sexy) actress being *tortured* in an original film prop, we were half way up the stairs when two blue shirts stopped us. They wouldn't let us past, and wouldn't tell us why. It was confusing at first, but it worked out pretty comical when they started freaking out the only girl in our group before sending us up to get straight on the ride.

At this point I paused the camera phone, which sadly meant we missed some important theming inside the building. Then, at the top of the stairs we approached a blue shirt at the station. We checked our bags and queued in Row 2. (Back of first carriage). The station is laden with theming making it look just like one of Jigsaw's game control centers.

The ride starts (this is where the camera comes back on). Gears and machinery is moving around on the theming by the track. Jigsaw's puppet rides out on his tricycle to meet you laughing freakishly. The countdown is zero. We've made our choice, and we are stuck with it...

Around the corner are swinging axe blades in front of the track, but before they hit the car suddenly falls on to spikes and proceeds quickly around sweeping bend. Suddenly an array of mechanised crossbows begin firing at us as we ascend slowly along the track... Then its down as we slowly corkscrew over the jigsaw lying face down on the floor and proceed to the climb outside.

At the bottom of the climb there is a brief video from Jigsaw (via the puppet of course). We are left to wait a few seconds to take in the gravity of the 100 foot drop and climb we are about the take.

The vertical ascent give you little more to look at other than the sky which really starts the adrenaline pumping. As the camera cut out we went over the summit... The configuration of the track over spinning blades of the head chopper really makes you feel like you are going to fall directly onto the them. The 100FT, 100 degree drop reaches speeds of 55 MPH.

From then on the coaster experience is not themed, but still incredible. This is an extreme ride which will leave even the experienced coaster buff like myself feeling at least a little dizzy and unsteady. Don't be too quick to leave the station building... there is lots more theming on the stairs on the way out that you should check out.

After riding 4 times my body is physically exhausted. I still ache 2 days later and I have several bruises on my shoulders from the harnesses. Either I'm getting old... or this ride is just THAT extreme! I'm going back to ride again in 3 days time!!!

Tips for riding:

  1. Check out the blood splatters just after entering the building while in the queue.

  2. The best place to ride to get the BEST experience is ROW 3 at the station. You get a little more theming and a great view from a front row seat

Conclusion: BEST COASTER *EVAR*!

Saw the ride Video Blog - Into the park

In this second video, we've arrived at the park and are walking upto the ride. You can see the awesome theming elements and also a pirate. which was fun!

Saw the ride video blog - morning before

My first attempt at a video blog... don't laugh at me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iConceal - how to hide TV cables

A great way to hide your TV cables!

I have an iConceal. I should do.... my dad created it didn't he. It is the bomb. Sleek, sexy, easy to fit and a sinch to add new cables later.

Most people would rip a hole in the wall. I never wanted to do that. Even with internal conduit adding new cables is a pain in the arse!

iConceal made putting my TV on the wall quick and easy.

Having my TV on the wall is great for playing the Wii. Being able to play House of the Dead and Wii Sports at eye level is the bomb!

If you were considering putting your TV on the wall. iConceal is the way to do it. If you have a Wii, then get your TV on the wall for more immersive game play!

iConceal -

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Enzo the giant schnauzer (dan's dog) won second in class today! An awesome result for your first year. Congrats guys!