Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iConceal - how to hide TV cables

A great way to hide your TV cables!

I have an iConceal. I should do.... my dad created it didn't he. It is the bomb. Sleek, sexy, easy to fit and a sinch to add new cables later.

Most people would rip a hole in the wall. I never wanted to do that. Even with internal conduit adding new cables is a pain in the arse!

iConceal made putting my TV on the wall quick and easy.

Having my TV on the wall is great for playing the Wii. Being able to play House of the Dead and Wii Sports at eye level is the bomb!

If you were considering putting your TV on the wall. iConceal is the way to do it. If you have a Wii, then get your TV on the wall for more immersive game play!

iConceal -

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