Thursday, June 11, 2009

HOWTO: KDE 4 and Google Pim data (akonadi)


Wondering how to setup KDE with your favourite google PIM data ?

The following howto is based on Ubuntu Karmic Koala but you can tailor it to your distro.

  1. Install the required packages for building
    $apt-get install build-essential libgcal-dev libgcal0 kdelibs5-dev kdepimlibs5-dev akonadi-kde

  2. Get the googledata Akonadi resource from KDE's svn
    $ svn co svn://

  3. Build the module:
    $ cd googledata
    $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

If you hit problems with the initial cmake then make sure you have all the required packages it is asking for.

Once you've got the library installed you need to configure Akonadi:
System Settings -> Advanced -> Akonadi Configuration

Click Add and choose one of the new Google resources listed. Enter your login details and it will automatically sync.

Congrats, all your KDE PIM Apps now have access to your Google contacts and calendar.

Feel free to post a comment if you need any help / advice.

Happy Hacking!


Mark at Disktech said...

Expect? Yes Mr Biscuitttt, it is one of the tools available to the true _Unix_ Sysadmin. That's Unix, by the way, not some Finnish student's hobby on a PC...


Igricheff said...

Thanks for this code, i get my gmail contact in kontact (4.2.98) but without addresses too bad Can you help me


Rajvi said...

nice blogs:)............

Dami said...

At least in Debian and Ubuntu you don't need to get the source code and compile it because you have a DEB packages and it is included in the main repositories.



Any way many thanks for the info :)